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Cavers Mailing List     № 18120


Автор: Bulat Mavlyudov
Дата: 10 May 2023

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Cave and Karst News and Announcements for May 2023

Upcoming Deadlines:


Looking back on the Sinkhole Conference, what's NCKRI been up to, and MORE!

Horiz_WNS_whiteRT image

White-Nose Syndrome Annual Meeting

Palm Springs, CA, USA

June 5-8, 2023

2021-image image

Cave Week

June 6-10, 2023

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2023 National Speleological Society Convention

Elkins, West Virginia, USA

June 26-30, 2023

New Mexico Geological Society Fall Field Conference

Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA

October 4-7, 2023



Funding Opportunities

NCKRI Seed Grant

Proposals for NCKRI National Seed Grants are due May 17th, 2023.

The National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) is pleased to announce our next call for grants in support of cave and karst research. Please see the attached request for proposals (also linked in the description below). 


The NCKRI National Seed Grant Program is designed to enable investigators to initiate new cave and karst research, and incentivize new principal investigators to enter the field. We especially encourage projects within the National Park System. Applications can be submitted at the following link: https://www.nmt.edu/research/organizations/nckri.php


Please direct any questions about submission or budget preparation to Judith McShannon (, 575-835-6940). Other questions about this RFP can be directed to Daniel Jones, NCKRI Academic Director (, 575-835-5049).

Education Opportunities

bcra-text image

2023 BCRA Online Seminars

Bats in Caves and Underground sites: World Edition


Jess Eades, Peak Ecology

Mon 15, May, 2023

19:30 to 21:00 BST

Bones in Caves: Awkward Inconvenience or Hidden Opportunity


Professor Andrew Chamberlain, University of Bournemouth

Mon 12, June, 2023

19:30 to 21:00 BST


Sinkhole Conference Recap

It was nice to have you join us! Please consider taking 5 minutes to fill out this survey. We want to know about your experience and your ideas for future conferences.

Conference Proceedings

Field Guides

All Sinkhole Conference proceedings and field guides are available on the NCKRI website via the Karst Information Portal. To limit environmental impact, few copies are printed. To increase the accessibility of scientific information, these documents are available at no cost, digitally.

Guest Speaker Jim Griswold

"The Sinkhole That Wasn't"

We are so happy to have so many wonderful presenters and instructors at the conference. If you were not able to attend we invite you to watch our guest speaker Jim Griswold and his experience in mitigating the collapse of a cavity that could have cause 1 billion dollars in damages.

Earth Day Clean-Ups

Roswell Sinkhole Clean-Up

On April 22nd the 3rd Sinkhole Clean-Up occurred in the Sacramento Plains organized by the Roswell Bureau of Land Management Office. So far a total of 18,000lbs of unwanted materials have been removed and sorted.

Carlsbad Cave Clean-Up

Also on April 22, was the first Earth Day Cave Clean-Up in partnership with the Carlsbad BLM Office. Over 900lbs of metal were removed from the cave entrance and surrounding karst features. Afterwards the volunteers were rewarded with a short caving trip.

Outreach and Events

Science Café and STEAM Night

NCKRI's Education and Outreach team participated in Southeast New Mexico college's STEAM night and the New Mexico Bureau of Geology's Science Café at New Mexico Tech.

Student Research Symposium

Several students apart of NMT's Cave & Karst Studies Program presented on their research. A few of the projects were graduate students accompanied by undergraduates who ran the analysis as part of a learning by discovery science class.

Rocky Mountain Geobiology Symposium

The Jones Lab was well represented at the RMGS with presentations about biofilm investigations at Valles Caldera to findings of ammonia supported ecosystem in the Frassassi cave system.

New Mexico Geological Society Spring Meeting

The Cave and Karst Studies program is at it again! This time presenting at the NMGS spring meeting. The conference was also attended by NCKRI's science team in anticipation of hosting the Fall Field Conference in Carlsbad. Hope to see you there!



Elkins, West Virginia, USA



May 15, 2023

Banner01-1536x906 image

National Speleological Society Convention

Present at NSS Convention

The 2023 annual convention will be held in Elkins, West Virginia. As one of the largest annual gathering of cavers in the United States, it is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, learn a lot about caving, and go caving.


To present at the convention, contact the chair of the relevant session with your subject, the required time/equipment, and an abstract. Abstracts should be a summary of conclusions and results, not merely a statement of what the presentation is about. Please limit abstracts to 250 words.


May 2023

BRCA: Bats in Caves and Underground sites: World Edition

15, May, 2023


Online Session


15th EuroSpeleo Forum,

17-21 May 2023


Breitscheid/Hessen, Germany


Clay Minerals Society Conference: Karst Trip

20-25 May 2023


Austin, Texas, USA https://cvent.utexas.edu/event/b8822615-d0e8-4730-89e4-2ef519cbeb5b/summary/

14th International Symposium on Pseudokarst,

22-26 May 2023


Sudetes, Poland, https://14pseudokarst.wonders4you.com/

Visual KARSYS: GeoModeling Course N5

31 May- 1 June, 2023


Online Session



June 2023

White-nose Syndrome National Meeting,

5-8 June 2023


Palm Springs, California, USA



BRCA: Bones in Caves: Awkward Inconvenience or Hidden Opportunity?

12 June 2023


Online Session


International Karst School "Classical Karst"

19-22 June 2023 


Postojna, Slovenia


National Speleological Society Convention,

26-30 June 2023


Elkins, West Virginia, USA



July 2023

Balkan Cavers' Camp,

29 June - 3 July 2023 Serbia,




37th Brazilian Congress of Speleology,

26-29 July 2023


Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil



August 2023

Summer School on Speleothem Science,

6-13 August 2023


São Paulo, Brazil



September 2023

5th International Meeting of Cavers in the Moravian Karst: Karst, Caves, And People 2023,

20-24 September 2023,


Sloup, Moravian Karst, Czech Republic


Cave Bear Symposium

21-24 September 2023,


Bayreuth, Germany

Email Registration:

October 2023

New Mexico Geological Society Fall Field Conference

4-7 October


Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA


Geological Society of America Convention,

15-18 October


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


16th European Cave Rescue Meeting,

12-15 October 2023


Porto de Mós, Portugal


3rd Balkan Speleological Congress,

19-22 October 2023


Sofia, Bulgaria

November 2023

3rd International Congress of Karst, Speleology and Enhancement of Natural Heritage,

2-5 November 2023


Rabat, Morocco


Cave Research Foundation Annual Meeting, 3-4 November 2023,


Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA





9th US Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Workshop,

22-24 October 2024


Nashville, Tennessee, USA




19th International Congress of Speleology, 20-27 July 2025


Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil http://uis-speleo.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/uisb631.pdf

Send Us News

If you have cave and karst news that you want to share, please send an email to or click the link above. Include your contact information and details that you would like us to share such as an event, date, pertinent links, and a short description.

Join Our Mailing List

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The National Cave and Karst Institute is a research center of New Mexico Tech. NCKRI was created in partnership with the National Park Service, State of New Mexico, and the City of Carlsbad to be a nexus of research, stewardship, information and outreach for caves and karst while fostering interdisciplinary collaborations. Our mission is to promote and facilitate cave and karst research, education and sustainability.

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Bulat Mavlyudov

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