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Cavers Mailing List     № 17502

Fwd: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Автор: Bulat Mavlyudov
Дата: 17 Jan 2021

-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
От кого: George Veni <>
Кому: George Veni <>
Дата: Воскресенье, 17 января 2021, 8:18 +03:00
Тема: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Dear Friends,


With the start of the International Year of Caves and Karst, we are seeing an increase in news and activities that may increase the frequency of these new messages. One news item from NCKRI is the release of our Annual Report and a technical report. See the Various News items below for details. Our announcements for this message are:


International Year of Caves and Karst

·                 Updates on How to Participate

·                 International Year Events


Student and Job Opportunities

·                 Cave and Karst Management Science Director at NCKRI

·                 Job Opportunity: Staff Geologist/Hazardous Materials Specialist with Karst Experience

·                 Summer Job Opportunities: Cave Conservation, Montana, USA

·                 US Federal Student and Job Opportunities


Various News

·                 New NCKRI Reports Now Available!


Conferences and Meetings

·                 List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


Please contact the people and organizations listed below for more information, and feel free to share this message with anyone who may be interested.






The International Year of Caves and Karst: Updates on How to Participate


The International Union of Speleology (UIS) welcomes everyone to the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK)! The major goal of the IYCK is to teach people about caves and karst. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to become part of the IYCK. No program or activity is too small. We are trying to reach the world and need your help.


Please visit the IYCK website’s (www.iyck2021.org) and its Download page for materials you are free to use, Mostly importantly, download the Planning Guide and the newly posted Planning Guide for Virtual Activities to help you plan events during the pandemic.


If you have already planned events, please send them for posting on the Events page. We also welcome several new partners to the IYCK (over 100 in total!) and expect to welcome more soon. Instructions on how to send an event or to join as a partner are near the tops of those pages.


Some partners have asked if the UIS will produce T-shirts, hats, pins, stickers, and other materials with the IYCK logo. We have discussed this and decided that because of difficulties in international distribution, we will not make them. However, we encourage the organizations representing our member countries to make such items and use any profits from the sales to support the IYCK.


The official opening of the IYCK will be on 26 January 2021. The location, details, and other information will be posted soon on the IYCK website (www.iyck2021.org), UIS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/uisspeleo), UIS Twitter account (https://twitter.com/uisspeleo), and the new UIS Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/uisspeleo/). Please visit those sites to see how you can help by being part of this global education campaign and contact me if you have any questions ().


George Veni

President, International Union of Speleology

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute




International Year Events


Three upcoming and/or ongoing events of the International Year of Caves and Karst are occurring in Spain:


  • The GOTA A GOTA 2020 Awards. The awards are organized to choose by popular vote the two best articles on speleology and karst sciences published in the digital magazine of speleology GOTA A GOTA.


  • Children’s Drawing Contest: Our Friends Bats. This contest is designed to teach children about bats and encourage their protect and conservation.


  • Qué es Espeleología (What is Speleology). An exhibition about volcanic caves and gorges of Lanzarote and about caving and canyoning. The exhibition will celebrate the International Year of Caves and Karst and the inclusion of the volcanic tube Malpais de la Corona in the list of world heritage sites of UNESCO.


For more information and the full list of events, visit http://iyck2021.org/index.php/events/. Please visit this site and add your International Year events to the growing list.




Job Opportunity: Cave and Karst Management Science Director at NCKRI


Joel Despain has done excellent work as the National Cave and Karst Research Institute’s (NCKRI) Cave and Karst Management Scientist. As he retired at the end of 2020, we are looking to hire his successor, but at a higher level as our Cave and Karst Management Science Director. We seek to hire an expert on the multidisciplinary management of caves and karst systems. This person will primarily provide professional leadership, advise, and technical assistance to the US National Park Service. This person will also conduct and support NCKRI cave and karst management research, and assist other partners and groups as available. The position description is provided at:



This position will be based at the National Park Service offices in Lakewood (Denver area), Colorado, USA. To apply for the job, for questions about applying for the job, and other questions related to employment, please see https://www.nmt.edu/hr/employment.php. NCKRI is proud to be administered by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, which employs all NCKRI personnel.


If you have questions about the job’s responsibilities, contact NCKRI Executive Director Dr. George Veni at .




Job Opportunity: Staff Geologist/Hazardous Materials Specialist with Karst Experience


Job Description

Cox|McLain Environmental Consulting, Inc. (CMEC) (www.coxmclain.com ) is located in Austin, Texas, USA, and is seeking a qualified, energetic, and self-motivated, Staff Geologist/Hazardous Materials Specialist to join our team. Duties may include geological investigations (TCEQ Geologic Assessments, karst feature surveys, cave and karst feature excavation and mapping), stormwater/SWPPP inspections, Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, client and resource agency coordination, QA/QC reviews, and permitting support and preparation of environmental documents for projects throughout the region. Compensation will include a competitive salary, bonus incentive program, and benefits package (health, vacation, profit sharing, etc.). Job may include travel and physical work in caves, on ropes, rough terrain, inclement weather, exposure to wild animals, et cetera.


Essential Qualifications

Successful applicants will possess a BA/BS in Geology, environmental science, or a closely related natural resource field, and at least 1 year of relevant/consulting experience (25 years preferred). Also required are strong writing and communication skills; a strong work ethic with a demonstrated ability to work independently; and solid field skills including the ability to navigate in difficult terrain using aerial or topographic maps. Familiarity with GPS data collection, GIS mapping, karst geology, and hazardous materials investigations preferred. A valid driver’s license is required. Bilingual (Spanish) a plus.

Responsibilities will include field data collection and analysis; preparing environmental and permitting documents for infrastructure and other development projects in compliance with applicable governing statutes and implementing regulations; and providing support and risk assessment in the planning and implementation of major infrastructure projects. The person in this position will help support environmental impact assessment projects primarily in Texas and potentially elsewhere in the Gulf Coast/Southwest; manage task assignments and small-scale projects; perform complex analyses and studies. This position is ideal for an ambitious environmental professional who is seeking career growth and the challenge of growing with a dynamic company.


Required Experience

The candidate shall be a qualified professional with:

• A G.I.T or P.G. certification or eligibility to obtain either certification.

• At least at least 1 year of relevant/consulting experience (25 years preferred).


For more information and to apply, e-mail and put “Staff Geologist” in subject line, or call: 512-338-2223.




Summer Job Opportunities: Cave Conservation, Montana, USA


Position Information

The Montana Conservation Corps is partnering with the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to conduct cave inventory and monitoring of cave resources. Cave entrance location from a November 2017 recon flight and other information sources will be used to identify potential caves for inventory, monitoring and significance evaluation.  Those with previous caving experience are strongly encouraged to apply!   


Duties will include:

·     Navigating to the points collected during the helicopter flight use GPS 

·     Investigating to see if the location is a cave entrance, document what they find using a standardized inventory protocol and digital photos

·     Locating and entering cave systems to document and monitor physical cave characteristics, including biologic, geologic, hydrologic, and cultural resource  

·     Incorporating findings into work on USFS and BLM Cave Management Plans and Federal Cave Resources Protection Act significant cave designations

·     Additional time will be spent organizing and compiling data, including digital photos, populating inventory databases and/or hard copy files. 


Program Dates: Two Caving Positions - 1 Conservation Fellow & 1 Conservation Intern

·     Conservation Fellow - May 12th - October 1st

·     Conservation Intern - May 12th - August 13th



·     AmeriCorps Living Stipend - $504 biweekly 

·     AmeriCorps Education Award Conservation Fellow: $2,417; Conservation Intern: $1,678.57 upon completion of the program

·     Health Insurance at no cost (Conservation Fellow)

·     Shared bunkhouse housing provided

·     Member Assistance Program: Free access to confidential mental health services, medical advocacy, financial assistance, legal assistance, life coaching and more…


Anyone interested should apply HERE or at https://www.mtcorps.org/joinmcc/individual-placement-programs/conservation-interns-and-fellows.html


Preferential Application Deadline: February 14, 2021 early applications are welcome and encouraged.


Thank you!


Bryan Wilson

Director-Individual Placement Programs

Montana Conservation Corps

301 N. Willson Ave, Bozeman, MT 59715

Office: 406.587.4475

Cell: 330.242.4482





US Federal Student and Job Opportunities


The Geological Society of America, in partnership with US federal agencies, is promoting several student and job opportunities. Several are related to caves and karst.


The Scientists in Parks program is designed for career-building young scientists and has an application deadline of 24 January 2021. For more information visit: https://www.geosociety.org/GSA/Education_Careers/Field_Experiences/sip/GSA/fieldexp/sip/home.aspx?hkey=b1be05a9-89ff-4044-b8db-6248a9adfad4


The GeoCorps program is designed for students and has an application deadline of 3 February 2021. For more information visit: https://www.geosociety.org/GSA/Education_Careers/Field_Experiences/GeoCorps_America/GSA/fieldexp/GeoCorps/home.aspx?hkey=c96640f9-6e0f-4d9a-b448-9d4ab687fd20




New NCKRI Reports Now Available!


The National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) has posted two new reports on its website. The 2019-2020 Annual Reports summarizes our many and diverse activities from 1 July 2019 through 30 June 2020. This is our biggest, best, and most informative report to date. Check it out!


We also posted Report of Investigation 9, a geophysical study for Carlsbad Caverns National Park where we pushed the limits of the technology to test the resolution of seeing small cavities at very shallow depths.


You can find these and other reports at http://www.nckri.org/about_nckri/nckri_publications.htm. All NCKRI reports are available for free download to support the growth and advancement of cave and karst research, education, and management.




List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


If you are interested in any of the following events, contact the organizers directly to learn if they are still planned as announced below.


1)              International Course and Field Seminar: Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers, postponed to 2021 (Žabljak-Durmitor Mt., Virpazar-Skadar Lake in Montenegro, and in Trebinje in Bosnia & Herzegovina), http://www.karst.edu.rs

2)              7th International Course Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers (CEKA), postponed to 2021 (Montenegro: Žabljak-Durmitor Mt., Virpazar-Skadar Lake, and Bosnia and Herzegovina: Trebinje), http://www.karst.edu.rs

3)              Visual KARSYS Online Course, 3-4 February 2021, https://www.visualkarsys.com/ 

4)              14th International Symposium on Pseudokarst, 22-25 April 2021 (Świętokrzyskie [Holy Cross] Mountains, Poland), https://14pseudokarst.wonders4you.com/

5)              US Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Meeting, May 2021 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA), https://www.usgs.gov/mission-areas/water-resources/science/karst-interest-group-kig-2020-workshop?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects

6)              ALCADI 2020: International Symposium on History of Speleology and Karstology (ALps, CArpathians and DInarides), May 2021 (Gorizia, Italy), contact:

7)              Australian Cave and Karst Management Association Conference, 3-7 May 2021 (Wellington Caves, New South Wales, Australia), for more information:

8)              European Cave Rescue Association Meeting, postponed to late spring or November 2021 (Cantabria, Spain), https://caverescue.eu/ecra-meeting-2020-cantabria-spain/ 

9)              36th Brazilian Congress of Speleology, 3-6 June 2021 (Brasilia, Brazil), http://36cbe.org.br/

10)           2nd Columbian Congress of Speleology, 8-13 June 2021 (Hagia Sophia, Boyacá, Columbia), https://espeleocol.wordpress.com/iicce2021/

11)           Karst Waters Institute Frontiers in Karst: Sulfuric Acid Weathering, postponed to mid-summer 2021 (San Vittore, Italy), https://karstwaters.org/conferences/sulfuric-acid-weathering/ 

12)           28th International Karstological School “Classical Karst”: Regional Karstology - Local and General Aspects, 14-18 June 2021 (Postojna, Slovenia), https://iks.zrc-sazu.si/en/

13)           1st Karst Science Forum, 24-27 June 2021 (Bucharest, Romania), https://www.eris100.ro

14)           18th International Congress of Speleology, 25 July – 1 August 2021 (Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget du Lac, Savoie, France), http://uis2021.speleos.fr/ 

15)           Central Asian Speleological Forum, postponed to August 2021 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), https://speleo.kg/en/news/first-circular-speleo-ca-forum-2020/

16)           34th International Geographical Congress karst sessions: Global Karst Critical Zone and Land Use Planning in Karst, 16-20 August 2021 (Istanbul, Turkey), https://www.igc2020.org/en/KARST%20COMMISSION.html  

17)           International Association of Hydrogeologists 47th Congress, 22-27 August 2021 (São Paulo, Brazil), https://iah2021brazil.org/en/

18)           19th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology, 28 August - 4 September 2021 (Catania, Italy), http://www.19isvetna.com/ 

19)           International Association of Hydrogeologists 48th Congress, 6-10 September 2021 (Brussels, Belgium), https://iah2021belgium.org/

20)           Fort Stanton Cave Science Conference, September 2021 (Socorro, New Mexico, USA), https://geoinfo.nmt.edu/FtStanton/home.cfm

21)           26th International Cave Bear Symposium, 30 September - 3 October 2021 (Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim, Germany),

22)           6th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium, 26-30 October 2021 (Isle of Vilm, Germany), contact

23)           Speleo Kamaraton, 29 October – 1 November 2021 (Marina di Camerota, Salerno, Italy), http://www.speleokamaraton.eu/

24)           23rd  National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, 1-5 November 2021 (San Marcos, Texas, USA), https://symposium2021.nckms.org/  

25)           Karst Record IX (KR9) Conference, postponed to 2022 (Innsbruck, Austria), https://www.uibk.ac.at/congress/kr9/ 

26)           EuroKarst 2022: The European Congress on Karst Hydrogeology and Carbonate Reservoirs, 22-24 June 2021 (Málaga, Spain), http://www.eurokarst.org/



George  Veni, PhD

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)


President, International Union of Speleology (UIS)


NCKRI address (primary)

400-1 Cascades Avenue 

Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220 USA

Office: +575-887-5517

Mobile: +210-863-5919

Fax: +575-887-5523



UIS address

Titov trg 2

Postojna, 6230 Slovenia





Bulat Mavlyudov

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