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Cavers Mailing List     № 14919

HA: [CML #14851] Европейский Спелео Форум 22-24 августа 2014 г.

Автор: Igor Teleshman
Дата: 23 Jul 2014

Кто-нибудь едет на форум?
Мы (Кишинев) планируем съездить, тем паче, что рядышком.

>-----Исходное сообщение-----
>От: []
>От имени L.M.
>Отправлено: 6 июня 2014 г. 2:12
>Кому: cml
>Тема: [CML #14851] Европейский Спелео Форум 22-24 августа 2014 г.
> Добрый день,
>Приглашаем всех желающих на Европейский Спелео Форум 22-24
>августа 2014 г., в Румынии.
>Регистрация на спелеофорум открыта до 15 июня.
>Дискусии будут по следующим секциям:
>- Европейский экспедиционный симпозиум.
>- Симпозиум по защите пещерного наследия.
>- Фестиваль СпелеоАрта. Фото, фильмы, творчество.
>- 1-й Европейский симпозиум по спелеоспасению.
>и т.п.
>Ниже есть информация на английском языке, кому будет
>необходима помощь или будут вопросы по мероприятию, пишите в личку.
>С уважением,
>Dear Caver Friends,
>As you already know, the 9th edition of EuroSpeleo Forum will
>take place this year in Romania on the 22-24th of August,
>where the Carpathians meet the Danube at Baile Herculane, to
>celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Romanian Federation of
>Speleology (FRS).
>The event schedule begins to take shape, so you are invited to
>"early-register" (available up to 15th of June) for this event
>and for the proposed activities:
>- European Expedition Symposium - where you can compete for
>the Expedition of the Year 2013-2014. More details here:
>- 3rd EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium – Speleological heritage:
>preserving natural and cultural sites/aims to provide a
>platform for scientists and speleologists, active in the area
>of cave and karst protection, to share the state of the art
>and overview of their current work. More details here:
>- Speoarta and EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival: cave
>photography and film lovers have the opportunity to share
>their experiences and art through an online contest. More
>details will be available soon on:
>- 1st EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium – the organizers invite
>you to get involved in shaping European guidelines for the
>development of cave rescue network and its integration into EU
>policies and to attend cave rescue exercises organized during
>the event. More details here:
>You are invited to present the work of your club, federation,
>or your speleo-library by booking a stand for free here:
>http://speleoevent.ro/i-want-to-book-a-stand.html .
>The provisional program of the event is available here:
>http://speleoevent.ro/programme.html .
>We hope the caving trips will get you curious to visit the
>picturesque landscape and the beauty of the caves in the area.
>More options will be available soon:
>http://speleoevent.ro/explorations-and-speleological-tourism.html .
>If you have not registered yet, you can do so here:
>http://speleoevent.ro/i-want-to-register.html and you will
>have the opportunity to enjoy other caving moments proposed by
>the organizers (photo exhibitions, topography salon, art and
>painting workshop, awards, artistic moments and traditional dinner).
>Looking forward to see you this summer "Where the Carpathians
>meet the Danube" for an unforgettable karstic and caving experience !
>Kindest speleological regards on behalf of Romanian cavers,
>Bogdan Bădescu, FRS President
>Viorel Lascu, President of the Organizing Committee of
>EuroSpeleo Forum 2014
>& For the FSE Bureau, Olivier Vidal, FSE General Secretary
>EuroSpeleo Forum 2014 : http://speleoevent.ro/
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>Архив: http://cml.happy.kiev.ua
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