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Cavers Mailing List     № 540

Souterrains mail 13

Автор: Joep Orbons
Дата: 10 May 1997

UIS commission on artificial cavities.
c/o Joep Orbons
P.O. Box 1614
NL 6201 BP Maastricht
The Netherlands
WWW: http://www.xs4all.nl/~jorbons/home.html
Souterrains mail 13:
Message 1:
Due to an unfortunate computer error and other problems, the Souterrains
network was down since Januari. The site still can be reached, but will not
be updated for a few weeks. Please keep on sending information. It will be
included, but it might take a while. Just to keep you updated, I will give
you some recent information.
Message 2:
Many new sites were found and contributed by many people. Have a look at the
following list of sites, all related to underground sites:
Message 3:
Question: by Kevin McCarthy
>From USA, Winter Park, Florida
Perhaps you might add this question to those outstanding or reference me to
another source for info....I was trying to perform research into the
engineering and construction of the George C. Wallace Memorial Tunnel under
Mobile Bay...(Mobile, Alabama)... There don't appear to be any books on the
subject and articles are very limited in scope... any help would be
Message 4:
Richard Mclachlan found a book with the title "Underground Bases and
Tunnels". This is the description:
It is an American book, and the sub title is "What is the Government trying
to hide?" so as you can imagine, the style is a bit anarchic and fringe.
There are even a couple of chapters on Alien Abductions and Cattle Mutations!
However, if you ignore that aspect, there is quite a lot of interesting info
there which illustrates the large (in European terms anyway) number of
underground facilities that appear to exist in the USA, apart from the
obvious ones such as Cheyenne Mountain and the one under the hotel in W VA.
Title Underground Bases and Tunnels
Author Richard Sauder PhD
Publisher Dracon Press
Price US$ 13.95
ISBN 0-9644979-0-5
There are 139 pages + 24 pages of illustrations.
In the back it says obtainable from

Richard Sauder
PO Box S1543
NM 87198
Price $16.90 inc shipping
Message 5:
Luc STEVENS pointed out there is a meeting in
France soon:
"XXХme CongrХs de la SociИtИ FranГaise d'Etude des Souterrains"
It is organised by SociИtИ SpИlИologique du Pays Castrais et Vaurais (SSPCV)
  BP 55
  81500 LAVAUR
  81500 LAVAUR (Tarn)
It is from 12/07/1997 till 13/07/1997
The prelimanary program is
Samedi 12 juillet 1997
9h00 Acceuil des participants
9h30 Ouverture du congrХs
9h45-12h15: Communications
12h45 Repas
14h30-19h15 Excursions
19h30-20h45 Repas
21h00-23h00 ConfИrences publiques

Dimanche 13 juillet 1997:
9h15-11h00 Communications
11h00-12h00 AssemblИe GИnИrale de la SFES
12h15 ApИritif
13h00 Repas
15h00-18h00 Excursions
18h30 Cloture du congrХs

Les repas sont prИvus au restaurant "Le terminus", Ю LAVAUR

Ю retourner avant le 1er juin
Ю la SSPCV, BP 55, 81500 LAVAUR



*Je dИsire prИsenter une communication (20 min.): OUI NON

Titre de la communication:

Il est nИcessaire dans ce cas de remettre un synopsis d'une page (texte et
illustrations compris) avant le 1er juin Ю la SSPCV
Il est Иgalement nИcessaire de remettre le jour du congrХs un texte
dИfinitif accompagnИ d'Иventuelles illustrations au directeur de la
publication le jour du congrХs.

*Je dИsire prИsenter une confИrence publique (40 min.) : OUI NON
cette communication doit obligatoirement Йtre illustrИe de diapositives)
Titre de la confИrence:

MatИriel nИcessaire:

* Je dИsire mettre des ouvrages en ventes: OUI NON
Si oui nombre d'ouvrages:


Individuels: 150FF par personnes
Membres SFES: 100FF par personnes
Enfant accompagnИ 50FF par personnes

Samedi midi: 85FF par repas
Samedi soir: 85FF par repas
Dimanche midi: 85FF par repas


Message 6:
New site to visit underground
Atlanta, Georgia sewer system, U.S.A.
Extensive network of underground drainage system
Open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
Entrance fee: Free, maintained by the city
First open in 1846
Address: Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A
All over the city about 20 to 50 feet underground
This is a fantastic way to extensively explore a major city sewer system. I
would advise bringing your own oxygen supply due to the various
proliferation of methane gas in various areas of the system, I recommend
entering, coming from the Smyrna Georgia area, on highway 3 to Atlanta the
highway 3 plant at highway 3 and the Chattahoochee river.
The water is going in about 30 miles per hour but with a good scuba outfit a
person can jump in and delicately swim between the filtration grates. If you
don't make it well, that has never happened yet. You can float approximately
546 miles underground. If you get hungry you can push up the various grates
and find yourself in a neighborhood
where you can get something to eat. This is a wonderful way to spend a nice
vacation in the city that gave you the 1996 Olympics. Come and see the
fantastic sewer system of Atlanta. Ya'LL will come back, 'Ya hear?
Jack Ass,
Message 7:
New Book: "Arbeitswelt im Pongau, Der Mensch in Bergbau und Huettenwesen von
der Bronzezeit bis ins 20. Jahrhundert"
("Labourworld in Pongau area, People in the mines and living quarters from
the bronzeage till the 20th century") Edited by F. Hoermann and M. Martischnig.
This book contains 9 articles on the mining and quarrying industry in the
Pongau area. An article deals with the coppermining in Grossarltal, There
are several article that deal with the miners living circumstances like
living quarters, clothing, culture. Then there are articles that deal with
their working conditions. All in all a book that does not just pick out the
underground stuff, but also shows al the related subjects.
ISBN 3-85 437-017-2
Price Austrian Schilling: 195 (+/- $18 without P&P)
To be obtained by:
Osterreichischer Kunst- und Kulturverlag
Austrian Art- and Cultur publisher
Postfach 100
A 5600 St. Johan im Pongau
Postfach 17
A 1016 Vienna

Joep Orbons
Joep Orbons, P.O. Box 1614, NL 6201 BP Maastricht, The Netherlands
E-Mail: , WWW: http://www.xs4all.nl/~jorbons/souterrains.html
Office: RAAP archaeological consultancy,

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