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Cavers Mailing List     № 17736


Автор: Vasiliy Balakirev
Дата: 26 Mar 2022

The UIS Bureau condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. This conflict is creating a severe humanitarian crisis that is worsening daily. The UIS Bureau stands with the Ukrainian people and calls on the Russian aggressors to immediately cease their brutal, inhumane, and unprovoked violence.

UIS Bureau acknowledges the contribution of both Ukrainian and Russian cavers and karst scientists to the international UIS community. However, the UIS Bureau is appalled by the current invasion and war crimes committed by the armed forces of the Russian Federation. In solidarity with Ukrainian cavers and scientists, and scientific organizations worldwide, the UIS Bureau is freezing all cooperation with caving organizations and speleological institutions of the Russian Federation until further notice.

The UIS Bureau recommends to the next UIS General Assembly to suspend Russia from membership of the UIS until Ukraine's sovereignty and internationally recognized borders, including Crimea, are restored and that the Russian language be excluded as an official UIS language.

UIS Bureau

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