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Cavers Mailing List     № 17562

Fwd: Cave Protection Assistance Request Udovichenko Vladimir - URGENT

Автор: Владимир Удовиченко
Дата: 29 Jun 2021

Уважаемая спелеообщественность,
Получил письмо от филиппинских спелеологов с просьбой поддержать петицию о
защите пещеры Pinagrealan


от уничтожения карьером.
Петиция, чтобы долго не искать, здесь


------- Forwarded message -------
From: "Pinagrealan Cave Association"
To: "Udovichenko Vladimir "
Subject: Cave Protection Assistance Request Udovichenko Vladimir - URGENT
Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2021 12:55:12 +0300

Dear Udovichenko

Re: Cave Protection Petition Assistance / Moral Support Request from

I'm writing to ask if you'll lend your voice to help save a protected cave
in the Philippines which is endangered by a quarrying/mining operation.

The name of the cave is Pinagrealan Cave. It is located in Luzon Island
(the same island where Manila is), in the Province of Bulacan. At various
times in history Pinagrealan Cave was home to several founders of the
Philippines including Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro, "Katipunan" Movement
(who were attempting to free the Philippines from Spanish rule), General
Emilio Aguinaldo and the Imperial Japanese Army (World War II). Besides
its historical importance, the site is a wildlife biodiversity location,
with several species of endemic and endangered bats, reptiles and birds
using the cave as shelter.

The cave is situated under a limestone mountain (now reduced to half its
size). This mountain has been subject to stop-quarrying orders for more
than 70 years, yet somehow - either through corruption or gross negligence
- the quarrying company still continues to operate. The quarrying
company is situated only 100-200 feet from the mouth of the cave - and
between 30 feet and 100 feet above it. Needless to say the blasting from
the open limestone quarry shakes the cave and surrounding residential

The problem is this:

The Philippines is a poor country where politicians can buy indemnity /
favors. Even very minor politicians who have money do this (the quarrying
company is owned by a local village elected official - but she has
significant money from her quarrying). There's literally a cave law in the
Philippines which states you cannot disturb a cave But appparently laws
don't really matter if you're wealthy.... Various Presidents tried to halt
quarrying three times - but like a pheonix, the quarry just renames itself
and they start again.

We have TODAY gotten Congress to draft a resolution which will be read at
the end of July to organize an investigation - but we need to make sure
it's open and really will happen. The Resolution may never be actually
tabled still..

Only public pressure seems to work in a situation like this...

And the quarrying has started again last week - with daily blasting
shaking the cave. It's gotten to the point where the vent at the far end
of the cave (around 800 meters inside) is now raining limestone dust
inside each time blasting occurs.

Thus - I am humbly asking if you'll add your voice by signing our petition
to protect the cave: http://www.heritageprotection.org/petition/

If you can also provide us with any advice please let me know. We're
desperate to save the cave before the quarry finally destroys it.

As background information I have enclosed:
1. Historical Documents About the Cave
2. Maps / Location of the Cave and Quarry
3. Geologist Reports
4. A summary of Philippine Cave Law - all of which constantly denotes
PINAGREALAN as being a protected cave
5. Congressional Resolution calling for an investigation (draft)

You can see photos of the cave in the Geologist reports and also just by
googling "Pinagrealan Cave".

Any other advice you can give or feedback please please let us know. We're
truly desperate for advice and moral support.

Elron Garcia & Agapito Almada
Bonifacio Society

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or distribute to anyone this message or any information contained within
this message. If you have received this message in error, please
immediately advise the sender by replying to this email and deleting this

Всего доброго,
Володя Удовиченко
СК "Земляне", Киев

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