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Cavers Mailing List     № 17506

Fwd: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Автор: Bulat Mavlyudov
Дата: 25 Jan 2021

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От кого: George Veni <>
Кому: George Veni <>
Дата: Понедельник, 25 января 2021, 5:52 +03:00
Тема: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Dear Friends,


The International Year of Caves and Karst is here and the Opening Ceremonies will be held on Tuesday! We hope you can join us. You’ll find the details below, along with our announcements for this message which are:


International Year of Caves and Karst

  • Opening Ceremonies!
  • International Year Events
  • Vote for the Cave Mollusc! Support the International Year!


Student and Job Opportunities

  • Cave and Karst Management Science Director at NCKRI
  • 28th International Karstological School “Classical Karst”: Slovenia
  • Job Opportunities: Water-Rock Geologist, Indiana, USA


Various News

  • VIII International Photography Contest on Cave-Dwelling Flora and Fauna


Conferences and Meetings

  • ASTM Karst Subcommittee: Meeting Announcement
  • AEG Karst Hazard Forum: Call for Abstracts
  • List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


Please contact the people and organizations listed below for more information, and feel free to share this message with anyone who may be interested.






The International Year of Caves and Karst: Opening Ceremonies


The International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK) is designed to teach people around the world about caves and karst. The Opening Ceremonies were planned for UNESCO Headquarters on 26 January 2021, but will instead be held virtually at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzSiErLj5x6viNbvAdehDvA starting at 15:00 Central European (Paris) Time. They will be recorded for replay for those who cannot attend at that time. A celebration of the International Year will be held later at UNESCO when the pandemic is over. If you attend live, watch the chat for a special announcement.


Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join the Opening Ceremonies. We hope you then become part of the IYCK. For more information visit the IYCK website (www.iyck2021.org), UIS Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/uisspeleo), UIS Twitter account (https://twitter.com/uisspeleo), and/or the new UIS Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/uisspeleo/).


George Veni

President, International Union of Speleology

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute




International Year Events


A growing number of events are scheduled for the International Year of Caves and Karst. You will find the full list at http://iyck2021.org/index.php/events/.


One upcoming event is described below, but first it is important to point out the new Event Results page on the website (http://iyck2021.org/index.php/event-results/). This page provides links to video lectures, news reports, and other information on the results of all IYCK events. At the end of the IYCK, all the results will be compiled into one document that anyone can use to demonstrate the global interest, value, and support for caves and karst, which we believe will help us all find more support and funding for exploration, research, and protection.


  • British Cave Research Association Monthly Seminars


As a contribution to the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK), the British Cave Research Association (BCRA) is hosting a series of online seminars that emphasise the scientific importance of caves and karst, and which describe ways in which BCRA supports cave research. The seminars will be held on the second Monday of each month in 2021, 19:30–21:00 UK time, commencing in February. These talks will use the Zoom platform.


If you would like to offer a talk on a science topic that you think would be of interest to a broad caver audience then please contact John Gunn with a title and a few words about your suggested content.


The first seminars will be One in a million: new insights into the Pleistocene fossil sequence from Westbury Cave, Somerset by Dr. Danielle Schreve and Castleton, Derbyshire: The world's most complicated simple karst hydrological system? by Dr. John Gunn. For more information visit https://bcra.org.uk/seminars2021.html#ch2.




Vote for the Cave Mollusc! Support the International Year!


The Cave Clam Congeria kusceri is one of the five finalist species in the international competition “Mollusc of the Year 2021.” The winner of the contest, decided by public poll, will have its entire genome sequenced! This would also be another great achievement for the International Year of Caves and Karst. For more information about the Cave Clam and to vote (the polls are open until January 31st) visit https://tbg.senckenberg.de/mollusc/.




Job Opportunity: Cave and Karst Management Science Director at NCKRI


Joel Despain has done excellent work as the National Cave and Karst Research Institute’s (NCKRI) Cave and Karst Management Scientist. As he retired at the end of 2020, we are looking to hire his successor, but at a higher level as our Cave and Karst Management Science Director. We seek to hire an expert on the multidisciplinary management of caves and karst systems. This person will primarily provide professional leadership, advise, and technical assistance to the US National Park Service. This person will also conduct and support NCKRI cave and karst management research, and assist other partners and groups as available. The position description is provided at:



This position will be based at the National Park Service offices in Lakewood (Denver area), Colorado, USA. To apply for the job, for questions about applying for the job, and other questions related to employment, please see https://www.nmt.edu/hr/employment.php. NCKRI is proud to be administered by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, which employs all NCKRI personnel.


If you have questions about the job’s responsibilities, contact NCKRI Executive Director Dr. George Veni at .




28th International Karstological School “Classical Karst”: Slovenia


Dear colleague!


You are cordially invited to participate at the 28th International Karstological School »Classical Karst«: Regional karstology - Local and general aspects, which will take place within the International Year of Caves and Karst from the 14th to 18th June 2021 in Postojna, Slovenia.

Due to the current pandemic situation is not yet clear, whether the conference will take place in traditional format (live event) or it will be upgraded with virtual participation. We will constantly follow the situation and let you know with further information. Registration form and abstract submission will be available at the beginning of February. More information is available on http://iks.zrc-sazu.si


Organizing Committee

Karst Research Institute ZRC SAZU

Titov trg 2

SI-6230 Postojna


T: +386 5 700 1900

F: +386 5 700 1999





Job Opportunities: Water-Rock Geologist, Indiana, USA


The Indiana Geological and Water Survey, a research institute of Indiana University, seeks applications for three research geologists with expertise in the water-rock-energy continuum. We are particularly interested in dynamic, cross-trained scientists who will contribute to long-term mapping programs of geology and groundwater resources in Indiana and beyond. Bachelor’s Degree required with preference to candidates with a Master’s Degree or work experience. Geological knowledge of Indiana and the Midwest is desired. Salary range $50,000-$55,000 with ample University benefits package. Complete job posting is on the IU Jobs website (https://jobs.iu.edu) under position numbers 293195, 293200, and 293201. Application deadline is February 1, 2021 with a negotiable starting date on or before July 1, 2021.


[Note from NCKRI: While the above job description does not specify caves or karst, “water-rock-energy” research is a fundamental part of karst studies and since Indiana has a lot of karst we expect karst research will be involved to some degree with this job.]


Dr. Lee J. Florea, P.G.

Assistant Director for Research




VIII International Photography Contest on Cave-Dwelling Flora and Fauna


International photography contest to encourage the diffusion of known about cave biology and to encourage its protection


ORGANIZER: Villacarrillo Speleology Group (G.E.V.)



-Editorial La Serranía (https://www.laserrania.org/)

-Spanish Entomology Association (http://www.entomologica.es/)

-Aragonese Entomological Society (http://sea-entomologia.org/)

-Canary Entomological Society Melansis (https://melansis.jimdofree.com/)



-International Years of Caves and Karst 2021)


Objective: To encourage the diffusion of information about subterranean ecosystems and promote their protection.


Entry period: January to May 22th 2021 (International Day for Biological Diversity).


For all the details, visit https://bioespeleologia.blogspot.com/2021/01/viii-concurso-internacional-de.html




ASTM Karst Subcommittee: First Meeting Announcement


The next meeting of ASTM International’s Karst Subcommittee (D18.27) will be held virtually on Tuesday, 2 February 2021 at 8:00 in the morning, US Eastern Daylight Time (New York time). The purpose of the Karst Subcommittee is to develop standards that assist and/or guide the protection of karst and pseudokarst and assist in understanding the geohazards accompanying those systems.


If you have experience in karst or pseudokarst geology, hydrogeology, and/or geotechnical methods, we invite you to join the ASTM Karst Subcommittee to help develop the best standards possible for the proper evaluation and management of karst.


If you are an ASTM member, please join D18.27. If you are not an ASTM member, I invite you to join at https://www.astm.org/MEMBERSHIP/index.html. Membership is only $75 for individuals. You do not need to be from the US to join and the Karst Subcommittee already has member from several countries.


If you are not sure you want to join ASTM, this is the perfect meeting for you. You can join virtually, learn more, and then decide if you want to be involved. For more information to join the meeting, contact me at .


George Veni, PhD

Chair, ASTM Karst Subcommittee




AEG Karst Hazard Forum: Call for Abstracts


The Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG) is organizing the Karst Hazards Forum (KHF): Recent Advancements in Karst & Karst-Like Hazards’ Investigation and Mitigation, an International Year of Caves and Karst event. The KHF will be conducted live, online, in 4-hour sessions on March 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, and April 1, 2021, and will be viewable anytime until Monday, April 12, 2021.


This virtual meeting will address the three broad topics of Karst, Pseudokarst, and Anthropogenic Sinkholes [karst-like erosion due to human activities].  The KHF’s goal is to bring together specialists, who will explain these features and formative processes, their professional investigations and measures to avoid or mitigate karst hazards and provide case histories of these hazards.  The forum will describe how karst impacts existing infrastructure, could potentially affect new construction, and may be avoided by land-use planning.  The most important element of the forum is of the emphasis on promoting public safety.  These goals will be achieved by informing both practitioners and policy makers, who in turn affect public policy, of recent advancements in karst hazards’ investigations and mitigation measures; the risk of these hazards; and the consideration of state legislation and/or private insurance. 


If your company or organization works with Karst, Pseudokarst, and Anthropogenic Sinkholes then this is a great event to attend learn new measures to avoid or mitigate karst hazards. Sponsorships are available starting at only $250 and include two registrations. Sponsoring AEG’s 2021 Virtual Karst Hazards Forum is effective advertising that builds lasting recognition and good will for your company. We expect over 250 attendees.


Call for Presentations & Posters: Abstract Deadline is Monday, 8 February 2021

  • Write & revise both your abstract and a brief bio before submitting them for your forum’s oral or poster presentation.  
  • Save your abstract in 10-point Times font using the format of the Sample Abstract below.  
  • English is the language of the forum.  
  • Abstracts are only being accepted for the forum’s themes of Karst, Pseudokarst, and Anthropogenic Sinkholes. 
  • Your proposed abstract may be written for a specific forum topic (geologic environs, investigation/mapping, geophysics/remote sensing, hazard/use categories, risk of the hazard, mitigation of the hazard, public information/protection, and case history) or may be written with your own concept and then listed under one of the forum’s topics. 
  • The presentations must impart professional information and are not permitted to be business advertisements. 
  • Contact Heather Clark, via the Contact button on the Home Page, for any inquiries.
  • With your saved abstract and bio, complete the Abstract Submission Form. 
  • Please click on the following link to submit your abstract: aeg/karst2021. Username: aeg, Password: karst2021 (Do not use your AEG member username and password).


Your abstract will be reviewed for subject and format appropriateness and notifications of acceptance/rejection will be emailed by Tuesday, February 23, 2021. The presenter of an accepted abstract is required to register for the Forum by March 1, 2021, for your abstract to be included in the Forum’s Program. Please have a back-up presenter prepared to give your presentation should you not be able to attend live


For more information visit www.aegmeetings.org and to register click: Register Now




List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


If you are interested in any of the following events, contact the organizers directly to learn if they are still planned as announced below.


1)              ASTM International Karst Subcommittee Virtual Meeting, 2 February 2021, for more information contact

2)              Visual KARSYS Online Course, 3-4 February 2021, https://www.visualkarsys.com/ 

3)              14th International Symposium on Pseudokarst, 22-25 April 2021 (Świętokrzyskie [Holy Cross] Mountains, Poland), https://14pseudokarst.wonders4you.com/

4)              US Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Meeting, May 2021 (Nashville, Tennessee, USA), https://www.usgs.gov/mission-areas/water-resources/science/karst-interest-group-kig-2020-workshop?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects

5)              ALCADI 2020: International Symposium on History of Speleology and Karstology (ALps, CArpathians and DInarides), May 2021 (Gorizia, Italy), contact:

6)              Australian Cave and Karst Management Association Conference, 3-7 May 2021 (Wellington Caves, New South Wales, Australia), for more information:

7)              European Cave Rescue Association Meeting, postponed to late spring or November 2021 (Cantabria, Spain), https://caverescue.eu/ecra-meeting-2020-cantabria-spain/ 

8)              International Course and Field Seminar: Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers, 1-6 June 2021 (Žabljak-Durmitor Mt., Virpazar-Skadar Lake in Montenegro, and in Trebinje in Bosnia & Herzegovina), http://www.karst.edu.rs

9)              36th Brazilian Congress of Speleology, 3-6 June 2021 (Brasilia, Brazil), http://36cbe.org.br/

10)           2nd Columbian Congress of Speleology, 8-13 June 2021 (Hagia Sophia, Boyacá, Columbia), https://espeleocol.wordpress.com/iicce2021/

11)           Karst Waters Institute Frontiers in Karst: Sulfuric Acid Weathering, postponed to mid-summer 2021 (San Vittore, Italy), https://karstwaters.org/conferences/sulfuric-acid-weathering/ 

12)           28th International Karstological School “Classical Karst”: Regional Karstology - Local and General Aspects, 14-18 June 2021 (Postojna, Slovenia), https://iks.zrc-sazu.si/en/

13)           1st Karst Science Forum, 24-27 June 2021 (Bucharest, Romania), https://www.eris100.ro

14)           18th International Congress of Speleology, 25 July – 1 August 2021 (Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget du Lac, Savoie, France), http://uis2021.speleos.fr/ 

15)           Central Asian Speleological Forum, postponed to August 2021 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), https://speleo.kg/en/news/first-circular-speleo-ca-forum-2020/

16)           34th International Geographical Congress karst sessions: Global Karst Critical Zone and Land Use Planning in Karst, 16-20 August 2021 (Istanbul, Turkey), https://www.igc2020.org/en/KARST%20COMMISSION.html  

17)           International Association of Hydrogeologists 47th Congress, 22-27 August 2021 (São Paulo, Brazil), https://iah2021brazil.org/en/

18)           19th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology, 28 August - 4 September 2021 (Catania, Italy), http://www.19isvetna.com/ 

19)           International Association of Hydrogeologists 48th Congress, 6-10 September 2021 (Brussels, Belgium), https://iah2021belgium.org/

20)           Fort Stanton Cave Science Conference, September 2021 (Socorro, New Mexico, USA), https://geoinfo.nmt.edu/FtStanton/home.cfm

21)           26th International Cave Bear Symposium, 30 September - 3 October 2021 (Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, Mannheim, Germany),

22)           6th EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium, 26-30 October 2021 (Isle of Vilm, Germany), contact

23)           Speleo Kamaraton, 29 October – 1 November 2021 (Marina di Camerota, Salerno, Italy), http://www.speleokamaraton.eu/

24)           23rd  National Cave and Karst Management Symposium, 1-5 November 2021 (San Marcos, Texas, USA), https://symposium2021.nckms.org/  

25)           Karst Record IX (KR9) Conference, postponed to 2022 (Innsbruck, Austria), https://www.uibk.ac.at/congress/kr9/ 

26)           EuroKarst 2022: The European Congress on Karst Hydrogeology and Carbonate Reservoirs, 22-24 June 2021 (Málaga, Spain), http://www.eurokarst.org/



George  Veni, PhD

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)


President, International Union of Speleology (UIS)


NCKRI address (primary)

400-1 Cascades Avenue 

Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220 USA

Office: +575-887-5517

Mobile: +210-863-5919

Fax: +575-887-5523



UIS address

Titov trg 2

Postojna, 6230 Slovenia





Bulat Mavlyudov

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