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Cavers Mailing List     № 17354

Fwd: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Автор: Bulat Mavlyudov
Дата: 24 Oct 2019

-------- Пересылаемое сообщение --------
От кого: George Veni <>
Кому: George Veni <>
Дата: Четверг, 24 октября 2019, 5:53 +03:00
Тема: Cave and karst news and announcements from NCKRI

Dear Friends,


Once each year I send these NCKRI news messages to a broader list of friends to include NCKRI supporters who may not be interested in the details of cave and karst conferences, job announcements, and the like, but are interested in what NCKRI is doing as summarized in our annual reports. The newest annual report was posted on our website today! It is our best one yet and covers our activities from July 2018 to the end of June 2019. If you are in Carlsbad, you are welcome to come by our headquarters and pick up a copy. Otherwise, go to http://www.nckri.org/about_nckri/nckri_publications.htm where you will find our annual reports and other publications, all for free download.


Also, I encourage you to look at the announcement near the bottom of this message on the International Year of Caves and Karst. We announced it in our previous message but given its incredible importance we’re repeating it here and bringing it your attention.


Lastly, if you decide you want to be added to the list to get these updates regularly, please let me know. We usually send messages 1-2 times each month, we do not spam anyone or sell our list, and there is no cost or pressure to join.


Now for this message’s news and announcements from around the world. Please notice that some have deadlines as early as November 1st, so make sure you don’t miss them!


Grant and Job Opportunities

  • Job Announcement: Caves Outdoor Recreation Planner, New Mexico, USA
  • Student Opportunity: Harington Scholarship for Canadian Cave Studies
  • The William L. Wilson and Diane C. Wilson Scholarship in Karst Science


Various News

  • Applications for SpeleoFilmFestival 2019 are Open


Conferences and Meetings

  • UNESCO Karst 2020, Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources: Call for Abstracts and Registration OPEN!
  • 80th Anniversary of the Cuban Speleological Society: 2nd Circular Now Available
  • Announcing SPELEO KAMARATON: Salerno, Italy
  • The 16th Sinkhole Conference: Update
  • List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


Please contact the people and organizations listed below for more information, and feel free to share this message with anyone who may be interested.






Job Announcement: Caves Outdoor Recreation Planner, New Mexico, USA


The Carlsbad, New Mexico, USA, Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management just posted a new position on USAJobs to support the Field Office’s cave/karst program. The application period closes 11/1/2019. This position has been in the making for over two years, and is hopefully the first of three.


This position serves as coordinator for one or more recreation programs, including the Caves program. Coordinates with managers, planners, and resource specialists to identify recreation program needs on a local scale and develop long and short-term outdoor recreation plans to address needs. Coordinates recreation program activities with other Bureau of Land Management District and Field Offices, as well as private organizations, and the general public. Monitors and inspects the operation of public use sites, permit programs, facilities, etc. Collaborates with others to develop new signage, brochures, displays, and other public information materials, and/or develop plans for new recreation facilities and structures. May conduct outreach to promote recreational opportunities on public land.


More details can be found in the USAJobs announcement: https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/549165800




Student Opportunity: Harington Scholarship for Canadian Cave Studies


Simon Fraser University offers the endowed Harington Scholarship for Canadian Cave Studies. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial support to a graduate student in the university’s Department of Earth Sciences for research in all aspects of Canadian Quaternary cave studies. For more information on Harington Scholarship for Canadian Cave Studies, please see https://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/awards/privateawards/all-awards/Harington.html




The William L. Wilson and Diane C. Wilson Scholarship in Karst Science


Administered by the Karst Waters Institute



The William L. Wilson and Diane C. Wilson Scholarship in Karst Science was established in 2002 to recognize the significant contributions of the late William (Bill) L. Wilson.  Bill used a variety of techniques, and unusual creativity, to tackle some of the most difficult karst science questions in Florida and elsewhere.  He developed a leading karst consulting company in the United States, Subsurface Evaluations, Inc.  To stimulate the development of new, energetic, motivated, and creative karst scientists, and to remember Bill Wilson and his dedication to karst science, the scholarship has been established in his memory.  The initial donation of funds to establish the scholarship were made by Diane C. Wilson, and, upon her passing, the name of the scholarship was changed to include recognition of her commitment to supporting karst science.  The scholarship includes recognition at the KWI spring banquet, a plaque naming the awardee, and a one-time award of $1,000.


To apply for the William L. Wilson and Diane C. Wilson Scholarship, the following conditions exist:


  1. The applicant must be currently enrolled in, or have been accepted into, a master’s degree program at an institution of higher education in the United States.  PhD students are not eligible.


  1. A written proposal of the planned karst study.  The research topic should focus on karst science, broadly defined, including subfields of geochemistry, geology, geophysics, or hydrology.  The proposal narrative is limited to 1000 words, not including figure captions or references.


  1. A half-page budget explanation.  Although funds are unrestricted and do not have to provide complete support of the project, a simple budget and short justification should be included to reflect how the award may further the proposed work.
  2. One-page CV.  The student should prepare a one-page CV that includes information on academic background and any relevant employment or research experience.  Include a list of course completed in graduate school.       


  1. One letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor or mentor.  These letters should be emailed directly to by the letter writer.  The letter should include a statement confirming that the student is in progress toward a master's degree.


  1. Applications are due by February 15, 2020.  They should be submitted electronically as a single pdf file that includes the proposal, budget, and CV:

Dr. Janet S. Herman

Professor, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia

Questions regarding the scholarship should be addressed to Dr. Herman.


Applicants will be notified in late March of the decision of the Scholarship Committee.


Publications and presentations derived from supported research should acknowledge the Karst Waters Institute and the William L. Wilson and Diane C. Wilson Scholarship.


For more information, go to: http://karstwaters.org/scholarship/




Applications for SpeleoFilmFestival 2019 are Open 


SpeleoFilmFestival 2019 will be held in Pazin, Croatia, 22-24 November 2019. Your story…Your script…Your cave…Your choice… All cavers are welcome! We will be showing films created by cavers like you from all around the world.

Don’t be shy, join in. All information and the application form are at http://speleofilmfestival.eu/.




UNESCO Karst 2020, Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources: Call for Abstracts and Registration OPEN!


The Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources: A Workshop on Sustainability and Community, informally called UNESCO Karst 2020, aims to enhance communication and the sharing of ideas and resources between major international conservation and science programs that protect, study, or manage cave and karst resources. The meeting will bring together a diverse group of managers, scientists, educators, and community partners to share successes and challenges in promoting sustainability and community involvement while protecting fragile karst ecosystems.


The call for abstracts is now open. Abstracts may be submitted until November 30, 2019 and authors will be notified of acceptance by January 1. In addition to traditional scientific presentations, we encourage participants to propose workshop sessions. Workshops are 1.5-hour blocks of time that you organize in order to achieve a specific outcome. These may include a panel discussion, collaborating on a strategic plan or research project, a business meeting, or simply a space to share ideas about a common challenge.  Find more information about submitting your proposal here.  The planning committee looks forward to your proposals!


UNESCO Karst 2020 will occur on 18-22 May 2020 in the world-class karst area of south-central Kentucky! The meeting will take place in the newly remodeled Downing Student Union on the campus of Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky, with mid-week field excursions to nearby Mammoth Cave National Park and Biosphere Reserve. A pre-meeting field excursion at Mammoth Cave National Park is also planned for 15-18 May, 2020, in cooperation with the USGS Karst Interest Group.


Registration includes entrance to all technical sessions, workshops, and mid-week field excursion, shuttle service to/from Nashville airport, lunch each day, receptions on Monday and Tuesday evening, dinner and local entertainment at Hidden River Cave on Wednesday,  and a closing banquet at Lost River Cave on Thursday. Our official lodging providers are Hyatt Place (within walking distance of conference venue) and the Holiday Inn (limited shuttle service provided). If you prefer to be within walking distance or will not have personal transportation, please make your reservations at the Hyatt Place as early as possible as space is limited. Both hotels also include a hot breakfast with your UNESCO Karst 2020 reservation.


For all of the details on the meeting, including information on how to prepare and submit your abstracts, visit http://www.unescokarst2020.com/.  The deadline is 30 November 2019.


UNESCO Karst 2020 is managed by the Crawford Hydrology Laboratory at Western Kentucky University, the George Wright Society, and the Mammoth Cave Area Biosphere Reserve as well as an outstanding team of karst experts from around the world who join us to form the Advisory Committee. On behalf of the UNESCO Karst 2020 team, we look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you in Kentucky next year!




80th Anniversary of the Cuban Speleological Society: 2nd Circular Now Available


The second circular for the International Congress: 80th Anniversary of the Cuban Speleological Society is now available and attached. It will be held on 19-23 February 2020 in Caibarién, Villa Clara, Cuba. See the attached circular for more information.




Sinkhole Conference: Register Soon Before Price Increases!


The Multidisciplinary Conference on Sinkholes and the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst, generally called “The Sinkhole Conference,” is the longest-running international conference of its type. Since 1984, engineers, geologists, hydrologists, land managers, biologists, and many others have gathered at these meetings to exchange cutting-edge information on karst and its many benefits and challenges.


The 16th Sinkhole Conference will occur on 20-24 April 2020 in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico! Puerto Rico offers a tropical karst landscape and a vibrant historical and cultural venue unlike anything seen in rest of the United States. Many people are already talking about attending the conference as part of a vacation, and we are helping to make that possible. 


The conference will be held in the lovely Sheraton Old San Juan Hotel, located in the historic heart of the city. Unlike previous conferences, your registration will include your breakfasts and lunches, in addition to the other usual amenities. Also, your discount conference room rates will extend to three days before and after the conference, in case you want to stay longer and enjoy a vacation. For all of the details on the conference, visit http://www.sinkholeconference.com/.


The Sinkhole Conference is managed by the National Cave and Karst Research Institute and with tremendous assistance from a diverse team of karst experts from around the country who join us to form the Organizing Committee. On behalf of the 16th Sinkhole Conference Organizing Committee, we look forward to receiving your abstracts and seeing you in San Juan next year!


George Veni

Sinkhole Conference Co-chair

NCKRI Executive Director




Announcing SPELEO KAMARATON: Salerno, Italy


To promote the development of speleology and communicate its information to the general public, SPELEOKAMARATON will be organized in Marina di Camerota, Salerno, Italy, from 29 October to 1 November 2021. SPELEOKAMARATON is being organized in support of the 2021 International Year of Caves and Karst.

SPELEO KAMARATON will be an opportunity to raise public awareness and get people closer to the underworld. The open format will be an enjoyable opportunities to visit, hold presentations, correctly teach the public about what exists "beyond the threshold of darkness". This meeting will be a collective action to safeguard the subsurface and protect caving, as a discipline of knowledge and a correct instrument of travel in the underworld.

The focus of SPELEO KAMARATON will be:

Mediterranean Speleologies
The various speleologies of the Mediterranean region will be identified.

Archeology and Paleontology
Caves are archives of time. Isolated from the outside world, they preserve their contents for study. The fossils that are preserved in the coastal caves are tiles of a large mosaic. Studying them helps us to reconstruct the network of connections between the different shores of the Mediterranean.

Sacred caves
Caves are like islands. Sites of worship, meditation and spirituality. Places that have inspired ascetics, monks and preachers. Hermitages lost in the silence of the mountains or on wild cliffs. Caverns where the human fascination with the religious and the diabolic resounds, together with the hopes and fears that go back to time immemorial.

Cave Diving
The Mediterranean coasts are punctured with sea caves. It is an immense heritage, an archive of time ready to be explored. Cave diving research has made giant steps, thanks to the development of new techniques devised by the explorers themselves. Speleo Kamaraton is the first meeting of Mediterranean cave divers


For more information visit: http://www.speleokamaraton.eu/.




International Year of Caves and Karst


This will be the biggest and most important speleological event ever. Your participation as part of the global cave and karst community is crucial. The purpose of the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK) is to teach the world about the importance of caves and karst. Public understanding and support of caves and karst is currently very limited. As a result, funding, regulations, and opportunities for exploration, research, and management are also very limited.


The International Union of Speleology (UIS) has declared 2021 as the IYCK in a major effort to make the world aware of how caves and karst are valuable to all people. To make this possible, the UIS is calling on all of its member countries and other organizations to begin planning a series of public lectures, programs, demonstration of techniques, and others activities for 2021.


The IYCK website is now open at http://www.iyck2021.org/. It is designed to teach the public about caves and karst, and so it has a great amount of educational information. It also has information on how to become involved in the IYCK. Please send the activities you plan for the IYCK to http://iyck2021.org/index.php/contact-us/ so we can post them on the “Events” page of the website. Look at the Partners page, and if your organization is not listed, send your logo and website address and you will be included. If you know of organizations that should be involved, contact them. The website will continue to be updated so save the address.


More details about the IYCK are described in the December 2018 UIS Bulletin (http://www.uis-speleo.org/downloads/uis-bulletins/uisb602.pdf) and they will be updated in next issue of the UIS Bulletin, which will be posted around the end of this year. Updates will also be sent through this and other e-mail lists. If you have questions, suggestions, or want to offer assistance, contact us!


The IYCK has incredible potential to advance speleology in many and great ways, but only if we all work together to make it possible.


George  Veni, PhD

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)


President, International Union of Speleology (UIS)




List of Upcoming Cave and Karst Meetings


1)         13th European Cave Rescue Meeting, 15-17 November 2019 (Istanbul, Turkey), https://caverescue.eu/13th-european-cave-rescue-meeting/

2)         International Congress: 80th Anniversary of the Cuban Speleological Society, 19-23 February 2020 (Caibarién, Villa Clara, Cuba), for information contact .

3)            16th Multidisciplinary Conference on the Engineering and Environmental Impacts of Karst, 20-24 April 2020 (San Juan, Puerto Rico), www.sinkholeconference.com

4)            23rd Conference of the Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association, 3-8 May 2020 (Jenolan Caves, New South Wales, Australia), www.ackma.org.

5)         9th International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC-IX) & the 12th Scientific Conference Research, Utilization and Protection of Caves, 12-15 May 2020 (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia), http://www.ssj.sk/en/akcia/18-12th-scientific-conference-research-protection-and-utilization-of-caves 

6)         US Geological Survey Karst Interest Group Meeting, 13-14 May 2020 (Nashville, Tennessee), for information contact

7)            UNESCOkarst 2020: Conservation of Fragile Karst Resources, 18-22 May 2020 (Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA), https://unescokarst2020.com/

8)         25th International Conference on Subterranean Biology, 28 June – 4 July 2020 (Alba Iulia, Romania), https://www.25icsb.com/

9)            US National Speleological Society Annual Convention, 27-31 July 2020 (Elkins, West Virginia, USA), https://caves.regfox.com/nss-convention-2020

10)         Carbonate Critical Zone: An NSF-Sponsored Workshop, 2-5 August 2020 (Philadelphia and central Pennsylvania), https://carbonatecriticalzone.research.ufl.edu/

11)      19th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology, 29 August – 5 September 2020 (Catania, Italy), http://www.19isvetna.com/

12)      Geological Society of America Convention, 25-28 October 2020 (Montréal, Québec, Canada), http://www.geosociety.org/

13)      EuroKarst 2021: The European Congress on Karst Hydrogeology and Carbonate Reservoirs, 22-24 June 2021 (Málaga, Spain), http://www.eurokarst.org/

14)         18th International Congress of Speleology, 23-29 July 2021 (Lyon, France), http://uis2021.speleos.fr/

15)         SPELEO KAMARATON, 29 October – 1 November 2021 (Marina di Camerota, Salerno, Italy), http://www.speleokamaraton.eu/




George  Veni, PhD

Executive Director, National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI)


President, International Union of Speleology (UIS)


NCKRI address (primary)

400-1 Cascades Avenue 

Carlsbad, New Mexico 88220 USA

Office: +575-887-5517

Mobile: +210-863-5919

Fax: +575-887-5523



UIS address

Titov trg 2

Postojna, 6230 Slovenia 



Bulat Mavlyudov

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