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Cavers Mailing List     № 14851

Европейский Спелео Форум 22-24 августа 2014 г.

Автор: L.M.
Дата: 06 Jun 2014

 Добрый день, 
Приглашаем всех желающих на Европейский Спелео Форум 22-24 августа 2014 г., в Румынии.

Регистрация на спелеофорум открыта до 15 июня. 
Дискусии будут по следующим секциям: 
- Европейский экспедиционный симпозиум.
- Симпозиум по защите пещерного наследия.
- Фестиваль СпелеоАрта. Фото, фильмы, творчество.
- 1-й Европейский симпозиум по спелеоспасению.
и т.п.

Ниже есть информация на английском языке, кому будет необходима помощь или будут вопросы по мероприятию, пишите в личку. 

С уважением,

Dear Caver Friends, 

As you already know, the 9th edition of EuroSpeleo Forum will take place this year in Romania on the 22-24th of August, where the Carpathians meet the Danube at Baile Herculane, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Romanian Federation of Speleology (FRS).

The event schedule begins to take shape, so you are invited to "early-register" (available up to 15th of June) for this event and for the proposed activities:

- European Expedition Symposium - where you can compete for the Expedition of the Year 2013-2014. More details here:  http://speleoevent.ro/european-expeditions-symposium.html  

- 3rd EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium – Speleological heritage: 
preserving natural and cultural sites/aims to provide a platform for scientists and speleologists, active in the area of cave and karst protection, to share the state of the art and overview of their current work. More details here: http://speleoevent.ro/eurospeleo-protection-symposium.html  

- Speoarta and EuroSpeleo Image’In Film Festival: cave photography and film lovers have the opportunity to share their experiences and art through an online contest. More details will be available soon on: http://speleoevent.ro/speoarta-and-the-eurospeleo-image-film-festival.html

- 1st EuroSpeleo Cave Rescue Symposium – the organizers invite you to get involved in shaping European guidelines for the development of cave rescue network and its integration into EU policies and to attend cave rescue exercises organized during the event. More details here: http://speleoevent.ro/eurospeleo-cave-rescue-symposium.html

You are invited to present the work of your club, federation, or your speleo-library by booking a stand for free here:
http://speleoevent.ro/i-want-to-book-a-stand.html .

The provisional program of the event is available here:
http://speleoevent.ro/programme.html .

We hope the caving trips will get you curious to visit the picturesque landscape and the beauty of the caves in the area. More options will be available soon:
http://speleoevent.ro/explorations-and-speleological-tourism.html .

If you have not registered yet, you can do so here:
http://speleoevent.ro/i-want-to-register.html  and you will have the opportunity to enjoy other caving moments proposed by the organizers (photo exhibitions, topography salon, art and painting workshop, awards, artistic moments and traditional dinner).

Looking forward to see you this summer "Where the Carpathians meet the Danube" for an unforgettable karstic and caving experience !

Kindest speleological regards on behalf of Romanian cavers,

Bogdan Bădescu, FRS President

Viorel Lascu, President of the Organizing Committee of EuroSpeleo Forum 2014

& For the FSE Bureau, Olivier Vidal, FSE General Secretary

EuroSpeleo Forum 2014 :  http://speleoevent.ro/

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