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Fwd: NCKRI Special Edition

Автор: Bulat Mavlyudov
Дата: 23 Aug 2023

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От кого: NCKRI <>
Дата: Среда, 23 августа 2023, 19:30 +02:00
Тема: NCKRI Special Edition
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Cave and Karst News Special Edition:

Search for the Director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute

Message from the Vice President of Research

Dear Prospective Candidate,

I am pleased to announce the search for our next Director of the National Cave and Karst Research Institute (NCKRI) at New Mexico Tech. This is an exciting time to join our team as we work to jointly advance the research and educational missions. NCKRI is a unique research institute developed as a partnership with the National Park Service. NCKRI has a statutory charge from both the federal and state governments. The next Director will play an integral part in shaping the institute’s future growth by capitalizing upon its past success. I believe this is an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneurial minded leader with an enthusiastic commitment to research, education, and service. As you consider this position, I strongly encourage you to think about the following questions as you prepare your application materials:

1. How will I develop a cohesive operational structure that accounts for the complexity of NCKRI? (Leadership Philosophy)


2. How will I expand and diversify the NCKRI business model to ensure long-term sustainability? (Business Development Approach)


3. How will I recruit, develop, and retain a dynamic team of faculty, staff, and students? (Workforce Management)


4. How will my leadership promote a culture of respect where diversity, equity, and inclusion are embraced at all levels of the NCKRI team? (Values Approach)


5. How will I personally communicate NCKRI’s value, impact, and importance to the community, state, and nation? (Communication)

Should you have any inquiries related to this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact by email the hiring official Carlos Romero, Associate Vice President for Research, at and/or the search committee chair, Matt Gallegos, Executive Director, Tech Transfer Collaborative Office, at


Michael D. Doyle, PhD

Vice President for Research

Applicant Information

Position Inquiries

Matthew Gallegos



We will welcome nominations of qualified individuals from the community.


Please use the following link to submit a nomination: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1PqQo4zu4dZx4dsFcFoAnUP_TOqqPf8PZZeyS3ysPrWM/edit.


Note: that a nomination does not constitute an application and all nominees will be encouraged to follow the appropriate procedures to complete the process.

Application Process:

A complete application will consist of:

  1. NMT Employment Application Form
  2. Cover Letter
  3. Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  4. Contact information for at least (3) three professional references


Application Link:



All Applications should be sent by email to:


OR by post to:



801 Leroy Place

Brown Hall Box 047

Socorro, NM 87801

Position Summary

New Mexico Tech seeks a dynamic and entrepreneurial-minded leader to serve as the Director of the National Cave and Kast Research Institute (NCKRI). The leader will ensure the Institute’s focus in the following functional areas: further the science of speleology; centralize and standardize speleological information; foster interdisciplinary cooperation in cave and karst research programs; promote public education; promote national and international cooperation in protecting the environment for the benefit of cave and karst land forms; and promote and develop environmentally sound and sustainable resource management practices. Reporting to the Associate Vice President for Research the selected hire will oversee all facets of Institute management and planning.

To learn the specific responsibilities:

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The National Cave and Karst Institute is a research center of New Mexico Tech. Our mission is to promote and facilitate cave and karst research, education and sustainability.

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Bulat Mavlyudov

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